Ford Crossovers VS. Ford SUVs — Which One Should You Drive?

Thinking about buying or leasing a Ford crossover or SUV but not sure what the difference is between the two options? Then you're in luck because Hixson Automotive of Monroe is here to explain! Take a closer look at our breakdown below to figure out which model is the right fit for you, then head out to our Monroe Ford dealership near West Monroe, Louisiana, to put it to the test!

What's the Difference between Ford Crossovers and SUVs?

The key difference between a Ford crossover and SUV is related to the way they are made. A crossover typically features a unibody construction. This means its structure is more rigid and shares a likeness to the sedan. The result is better maneuverability on the street. Due to the low cost of manufacturing this body style, Ford crossovers like the Ford Escape, Ford EcoSport, and Ford Edge are far more affordable. Alternatively, an SUV often features a body-on-frame construction which enables it to perform more like a truck. As its name suggests, it is a utility vehicle in that it can tow greater loads and perform better in off-road scenarios. Usually, Ford SUVs are much larger in size, too. Take the 7-passenger Ford Explorer and 8-passenger Ford Expedition.

Test Drive Different Ford Crossovers and SUVs to Choose the Right One for You

Of course, it is important to remember there are notable differences between models in the same category and from trim to trim, as well. That is why it's always good to follow-up your research with a test drive. So, if you're browsing the local market for a new Ford crossover or SUV, then head on over to our Ford dealership near Rayville and Bastrop, Louisiana. We can put you behind the wheel to give you a better understanding of what our vehicles can do.

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